quick aid for the heart and blood vessels
Strengthens and cleanses the walls of blood vessels
Dissolves cholesterol plaques
Prevents complications
Normalizes blood pressure
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Are you experiencing these symptoms?
Headaches and dizziness
Fast fatigability
Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
”Seeing spots”
Chest pains
Tingling sensations radiating to the left shoulder or neck
How to keep the heart healthy?

Hypertension may not manifest itself for years. High blood pressure is brushed off as a result of fatigue, the weather or just a specific feature of the body. When headaches, insomnia or shortness of breath appear, heart problems are the last thing people think about. “I’m totally fine, it’s just hot outside”, – my Mom used to say when she would run out of breath.

I get chills when I remember the day when I almost lost her... About 2 months before the heart attack, she began to tire quickly and complain of headaches. And despite all this her blood pressure was normal – 135/90. On the day of the attack, my mother felt fine and went to the store. Later, they called me from the hospital and said that she was in intensive care. Luckily, everything worked itself out.

The recovery was very long, and the heart attack could recur at any time. The pressure was still 150/95. Mom taking copious amounts of pills resulted in bad tests’ results and could potentially lead to kidney failure. There was an urgent need to reduce the number of pills she took daily. But how? After all, without them, her condition gets worse instantly.

We turned to the Kenyan Society of Cardilineogy for help. Cardilineogist Moses Ouma explained that you can’t just abruptly stop taking the prescribed drugs. First, you need to cleanse the vessels and bring them into tone. And only then gradually reduce the dosage of drugs. He prescribed Cardiline to cleanse and strengthen the vessels.

Mom took the course and began to feel much better. She began to wake up with renewed energy instead of headaches. The chest pains, shortness of breath and constant fatigue were gone. Her overall condition improved, а анализы показывали нормальный уровень холестерина. and the tests showed normal cholesterol levels. Gradually, the attending physician reduced the dosage of the medication. Six months later, on the instructions of a Cardilineogist, my mother drank another Cardiline course.

Cardiline – reliable protection for the heart and blood vessels
Normalizes blood pressure
Reduces cholesterol levels
Prevents oxygen starvation of cells
Cleanses blood vessels
Relieves headaches and tinnitus
Provides normal vascular tone
A natural composition — a guarantee of longevity
nettle root extract
have a beneficial effect on the vascular system, reduce the load on the heart, help to cope with heart failure and pain with angina pectoris.
valeriana root extract
stimulates the work of the heart and circulatory system, reduces the risk of stroke. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels and increases their elasticity.
hawthorn root extract
a powerful tonic for the heart and lungs, stimulates coronary circulation, strengthens the heart muscle.
vitamin b6
    a guarantee of the elasticity of the blood vessel walls. Thanks to its effect, they don’t become fragile and tear. It also improves blood clotting, accelerates tissue repair.
5 top tips from a Cardilineogist
1. Monitor your blood pressure
Keep a health diary where you will track your blood pressure at least 2-3 times a day.
2. Try to control your emotional state
In addition to destroying nerve fibers, the stress hormone negatively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Stress speeds up metabolism, pulse rates, and increases blood pressure. As a result, a hypertensive person can instantly feel discomfort in the ears, eyes and chest.
3. Don't forget about proper diet and physical activity
Limit your salt and sugar intake. It is necessary to completely forgo tobacco and alcohol. If you are overweight, try to lose some. Excess adipose tissue in the body creates a serious load on all organ systems, the musculoskeletal system, makes the heart work twice as hard.
Moses Ouma, Cardilineogist, member of the Kenyan Society of Cardilineogy
4. Keep an eye on your test results
It is important that the indicators of cholesterol, hemoglobin, creatinine, electrolytes, uric acid and others be within the normal range.
5. Take vitamins/vitamin complexes
For people with hypertension regular vitamin complexes don’t do the job.They do not contain essential ingredients for cardiovascular health. I prescribe Cardiline for all my patients. Its effectiveness is due to the interaction of ingredients that help clear blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, reduce blood pressure and reduce the load on the kidneys. An important difference between Cardiline and other drugs is that it normalizes the oxygen concentration in the blood. Blood pressure rises when there’s a vasospasm and not enough oxygen in the plasma. B vitamins interact with the motherwort extract to maintain a consistently high level of oxygen, thereby preventing vasoconstriction and an increase in blood pressure.